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Yield and Growth 2019

WTC 25-1-2019
ASL 8-2-2019
HUO 21-2-2019
HUB 7-3-2019
CKF 22-2-2019
NCK 4-4-2019
PPH 5-4-2019
TWE 16-4-2019
MLD 2-5-2019
REH 31-5-2019
SLR 16-5-2019
NCM 16-5-2019
INA 1-8-2019
ALU 11-6-2019
IGO 17-7-2019
MVP 21-6-2019
TCL 16-1-2019
TLS 30-1-2019
ASB 20-2-2019
FLT 27-2-2019
AST 27-2-2019
AMC 13-3-2019
SCG 27-3-2019
AGL 13-3-2019
WHC 23-4-2019
NHF 8-5-2019
GPT 28-6-2019
PNI 22-5-2019
ALX 12-6-2019
BAP 10-7-2019
JHX 1-7-2019
SGP 25-7-2019
ORI 7-8-2019

Source: Taylor Securities Yield and Growth Charting from Calendar Year 2019


Taylor Securities is based in Mandurah and Perth catering to commercial and retail clients looking for a portfolio-based approach to investing in Australian shares.

Our approach utilises a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to create a defined strategy targeting business strength and price growth. We select our Growth Stocks from the ASX Top 500 and our Income Stocks from the ASX Top 200.

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Yield and Growth 2018

PRU 19-1-18
QMS 23-5-2018
MGX 2-8-2018
IGO 17-4-2018
GNG 30-1-2018
HLO 13-9-2018
EQT 16-3-2018
BXB 8-11-2018
CAJ 19-7-2018
ASB 28-3-2018
VVR 3-10-2018
TGR 12-12-2018
SDF 8-8-2018
SGR 19-9-2018
SYD 29-5-2018
RRL 7-3-2018
QBE 11-10-2018
LLC 18-4-2018
DOW 25-7-2018
ING 23-8-2018
CCL 4-7-2018
CAR 20-11-2018
BKW 4-4-2018
BWP 13-6-2018
BHP 7-2-2018
BLD 22-3-2018
AIA 6-9-2018
BAP 21-3-2018
API 11-7-2018
APT 26-9-2018

Source: Taylor Securities Yield and Growth Charting from Calendar Year 2018


We provide investment advice and portfolio-based strategies covering opportunities ranging from growth stocks within the ASX Top 500 to income stocks within the ASX Top 200 and a balance of both. Click here to schedule free a consultation and see if we can help you.

Analytical Methodology

Taylor Securities uses a balance of aggregate fundamental data and proprietary technical analysis and comparative ranking systems to guide our ASX investment strategies. Here you will find a more detailed explanation of what we do and why.


Our post-results analysis on The ASX Top 20, domestic and foreign indices and financial commodities. The YearBooks and MidYearBooks are a good introduction to us and our work. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Yield and Growth 2017

SFR 12-9-17
RIO 21-8-17
PMV 2-8-17
MYO 8-11-2017
ORA 12-4-17
NSR 26-4-17
DLX 23-5-17
IVC 1-3-17
MFG 23-1-17
CTX 28-9-17
BTT 6-6-17
BAP 25-10-17
CGC 15-2-17
OVH 15-7-17
SDA 24-2-17
NEA 13-6-17
MVP 28-10-17
FNN SIQ 19-5-17
FNN FPH 1-6-17
BSE 16-11-17
HSN 27-7-17
GXY 9-8-17

Source: Taylor Securities Yield and Growth Charting from Calendar Year 2017




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